Close Air Support Briefing Form (9-Line)

Do not transmit line number. Units of measure are standard unless otherwise specified. Lines 4, 6 and any restrictions are mandatory read-back items. JTAC may request read-back of additional items as required.

“JTAC: ____________________, this is __________________
(aircraft call sign)                      (JTAC)

Type ______________________ Control ________________”
(1, 2 or 3)

1. IP/BP: “________________________________________________________”
(IP/BP to target)

2. Heading: “____________________Offset: L/R______________________”

3. Distance: “_____________________________________________________”
(IP-to-target in nautical miles/BP-to-target in meters)

4. Target elevation: “______________________________________________________” (in feet MSL)

5. Target description: “____________________________________________________”

6. Target location: “_______________________________________________________”
(latitude/logitude or grid coordinates or offsets or visual)

7. Type mark: “______________________________” Code: “______________________”
(WP, Laser, IR)                                         (actual code)

8. Location of friendlies: “________________________________________________”
(from target, cardinal directions and distance in meters)
Position marked by: “________________________”

9. Egress: “____________________________________”
(cardinal direction and/or control point)

Remarks (As appropriate): “_________________________________________________”

Laser to target line: “__________________(degrees)”

Time on Target (TOT): “___________________________”

Time-to-Target (TTT): “Stand by ___________Plus_______, Hack.”